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Sterling Silver Round Dangle Earrings with Eye of Shiva Shell

Sterling Silver Round Dangle Earrings with Eye of Shiva Shell

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    Color: white
Weight: 7.31 gm
Decor: Eye of Shiva shell
Height: 1-1/8" (32mm) including fishhook
Width: 7/16" (15mm)
Embrace the sensation of summer all year round with these eye-catching Eye of Shiva earrings. Expertly crafted in round design, the earrings feature an Eye of Shiva shell inlay on 925 sterling silver base. They are finished with 925 sterling silver fishhook backs with spiral accents. The earrings measure 1 and 1/8 inches (32 millimeters) long (including fishhook) and 3/4 inches (20 millimeters) wide. The high polish finish gives these earrings an exquisite shine that is sure to catch every eye. .
Shiva shell, also known as Shiva Eye or Pacific Cat's Eye, is the protective covering at the opening of the Turban snail living in the deep tropical sea. The exact shape of the spiral is unique from shell to shell. The color of the spiral varies from beige to deep green, depending on the sea snail's diet, while the background often remains pearly white.
Please note that we have done our best to display as accurately as possible the colors, patterns, and textures of these shells. However, due to the natural variability of the shells, the colors, patterns, and textures of items displayed may differ slightly from the colors, patterns, and textures of items you receive with your order. Please contact us if you want specific color shades for your item. Similarly, we do our best to make sure you buy only high quality jewelry from us. However, when jewelry is manufactured using natural materials such as seashells, there is a strong possibility of slight imperfections on the materialís surface, such as minor scratches, cracks, or speckles. These imperfections are considered normal and do not constitute a defect in item.


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